Strengthen Education, Health and Livelihood (SEHL)


Strengthen Education, Health and Livelihood (SEHL):


The project was planned to implement in eastern part of Uttar Pradesh. Eastern UP is the poorest, feudalistic and cast- ridden region of state – on of the poorest states in India. The two blocks where we planned to work in Varanasi as whole majority of children in SC communities are out of school( with girls disproportionately affected), & in rural areas school attendance is  much lower. In UP teacher/student ratios are at planned to work for children’s working time in to school time & we plan to address the child labour issue with educational activities. In most of the cases the children are enrolled in school but they are out of school in realty. They are on work or spending time in household activities due to non-awakening of the parents and poverty as well. Therefore MSEMVS planned to run the Support centres in 4 villages and make vigilance on Govt. school with active participation of the community and victims.


The extent to which the project goal has been achieved:


  • 202 (105 Girls & 97 Boys) children got quality education and the provision and facilities of school provided to 100% registered children in all 10 villages.

  • 100 adolescent girls received health education and life skill training and mainstreamed to village school.

  • 2 Kisori Club are active in the project area on the issues of girls and women.

  • For ensuring 100% birth registration we activated ICDS centre trough SHGs & CVC, & 100% children enrolled in ICDS & they are getting nutritional & health services more than 60% children are getting fully health service.

  • For empowerment of the women, formed 20 Self Help Group. The member of Self Help Group were trained on women rights, domestic violence and Income generation Programme.

  • 75 Individual get the registered with Handicrafts department with help of Khadi and village industries commission.

  • 18 ICDS centre made improved and now functioning well.   


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