MSEMVS made effort for prevention of HIV –AIDS among injecting drug users under National AIDS Control Programme-III (NACP-III) and implemented a Targeted Intervention Project during this period. This was the third year of this TI in which 300 IDUs were targeted and components of TI were applied for ensuring services to the injecting drug users for prevention of HIV-AIDS and STI-RTI. BCC activities including peer education, Condom promotion through free condom distribution, STI management through SCM approach, NSEP (Needle & Syringe exchange programme), Abscess management, linked with drug de addiction centre/ICTC/DOT etc, performed in a systematic manner and training & monitoring done periodically. MSEMVS implemented this project successfully and in External Evaluation MSEMVS got more than 60%.

Supported by :

Uttar Pradesh Aids Control Society