Khadi means any cloth weaver on handlooms in India from cotton, silk or woollen yarn, hand spun in India are from a mixer of any two are all such yarns.

Khadi is self is mission not the cloth

MSEMVS has set up an outlet at Darekhu, Gangapur road Rohaniya for the marketing of products of Khadi made with cotton silk and woollen including pollyvastra, Agarbati, Mombati, Soda ,Paper bags being manufacthared by rural women prferabli of Schedule tribes and poors under village industries it is a means of income generation and employment creation  for the help less people leaving the district of Varanasi,Bhadohi and Chandauli.

Readymade Kurta, Payjama, Ladies suit, ‘Dhoti, Sarees, Jhola, Salas, Kambal, Jackets and cloths in cotton silk woollen in Khadi and Poly in village industry can be hade from KhadiBhandar located at Darekhu, Gangapur road Rohaniya.