The Key Staffs

 Mr. Bhanuja Sharan Ph.D.

Mr. Bhanuja Sharan Lal, Director of MSEMVS was awarded a “2014 Hero Acting To End Modern Slavery Award” in June 2014 ( please see- Each year, the US Department of State honors individuals around the world who have devoted their lives to the fight against human trafficking. They are recognized for their efforts to protect victims, punish offenders, and raise awareness of ongoing criminal practices. Mr. Bhanuja Sharan Lal was awarded for his exemplary efforts to empower communities, progressively dismantle entrenched system of modern slavery , operating a shelter for sex trafficking survivors and offer education to former child laborer.

Mr. Ramkrishna Sharma M.B.A.    

Chief Executive Officer  - MSEMVS

Mr. Dhirendra Kumar Chaursia

Finance Officer- MSEMVS

Mr. Manoj Kumar Mishra I.R.P.M.                      

Documentation  - MSEMVS

Mr. Ganesh Prasad Viswkarma                         

 District Project Co-ordinator, Chandauli – MSEMVS

 Mr. Rajkumar Kushwaha MSW

Project Co-ordinator, Teree Des Hommes (Germany) Project  -MSEMVS