Child Protection and Child Rights

MSEMVS implementing the Child Rights Project in Mirzapur District. All 188 villages (in 89 GPs) are being covered under this project. The initiative is to ensure protection of child rights, especially of those children that are involved in labor across 188 villages in Narayanpur block of Mirzapur district. Concerted action from children, community representatives, i.e. female Panchayat heads, WG and CPC members, SMC and VEC members, and government officials, including teachers are promoted and facilitated to ensure protection of child rights. Special emphasis is given to the 10 point child friendly agenda. The agenda consists of three (3) home based & seven (7) service dependent behaviours including the following:

Home based

1       No girls to be married before the age of 18 years

2       Universal consumption of iodized salt

3       Feeding of colostrum to newborns, exclusive breastfeeding, and complementary feeding after six months

 Service dependent

4       Registration of all births and deaths and marriages.

5       Full immunization of all infants and pregnant women

6       Consumption of iron folic acid (IFA) tablets during pregnancy/adolescent girl and Safe delivery.

7       Six-monthly administration of Vitamin A to all children (from the age of 9 months to three years

8       Knowledge on four modes of transmission and four methods of prevention of HIV and linkages to services for HIV prevention (including condom) and care (testing, ART and PPTC)

9       School enrollment and retention and completion by all 6-14 year old children

10  Environmental sanitation through utilization and upkeep of water and sanitation facilities.

 The key activities for care and protection of the children through Child Rights Project:

·        Establishing Child protection structures (village child protection commitee) in place to address child rights and child protection issues, especially child labour.

·        Promote partnerships with civil society alliances with a view to promoting a protective environment for children, particularly community and family based care and protection issues.

·        Activating and support women champions to provide a child friendly agenda in five identified/ prioritized/ families/ households.

·        Knowledge enhanced and attitude changed of families and communities

·        Ensuring facilitatation to promote a child friendly agenda in Gram Sabhas.

through the trained  Women Gram Pradhans.

·        Provide supportive supervision to Women Groups and community service provider (ASHAs, ANMs, AWWs and teachers) in making a child friendly society.

·        Support at the panchayat level to ensure better targeting of social protection schemes by promoting the community monitoring system of “red alerts” among the community.

·        Work with the panchayat representatives on information campaigns to inform people about the social protection schemes and community monitoring system of “red alerts”.

 A team of 9 staffs including PM,MIS,BCO, 6 Field Animators have been actively involved in the project.

Supported by:


UNICEF, Uttar Pradesh