Education Project

Education Project:


MSEMVS is implementing its education project through Transitional Schools/ Remedial coaching in the community of most deprived section in the society. 


In many villages, families struggle to find the courage to move away from forced labour, but if they see that their children can access education and stop being in forced labour, they will sustain their efforts.  In many villages, our first activity is to set up a low cost transitional school/ Remedial Coaching at the heart of the dalitsettlement.  Protected by the whole community, the arrival of the school is the first sign of hope for education.  It is part of a wider child-centered approach, through which adolescents take the initiative and link together across the villages to spread awareness of rights and entitlements.


Preventing the children from child labour and bonded labour is one of the main focuses of MSEMVS. More than 100 Transitional Schools/ Remedial coaching have been operated in the remote villages of Uttar Pradesh so far. 

With the help of Voices for Freedom, currently MSEMVS has been running 20 Transitional Schools/ Remedial coaching for the children of most marginalized section in the society. More than 1100 childrenincluding child labourers and their siblings have been getting accelerated education through joyful learning methods at their doorsteps. These efforts not only help the children and their parents to get rid of child labour and debt bondage, it also helps them to mainstream and retain the children in formal education system.