Pottery Promotion

Promoting Potters for Skill & Product development:

 MSEMVS has set-up a rural industry service centre for terracotta at village

Naraynpur- Matuka  P.O. Sewapuri district Varanasi(U.P). The center  added by KVIC  imparting training to the rural artisans in manufacturing of earthen wares  in different shape and improve designs, value added items like flooring tiles, wall tiles, red clay, save drinking water filters, smoke free ovens, red clay vegetable refrigerator, garden pots, flower bases including  domestic table wares and building materials etc made of red clays.

 The centre is promoting the potters for their self-employment by setting the unit at their home for diversified value added products,introducing improved equipment and latest technology .

MSEMVS initiated the intervention for upliffment   of poor rural artisans, more then 100 artisans including women potters  have been trained  by the intuitions in different  places added by DRDA Varanasi,  Khadi& Village industries Commission (KVIC)  Mumbai .The efforts are being made to promote jewellery production made of local clay being unhygienic  and environment.