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MSEMVS a Varanasi India based NGO established in 1990 and anti-trafficking work begin in 1996. MSEMVS has focused strongly on eradication of child labor. Currently, 14 village-based transitional schools are enabling more than 600 child slavery survivors to catch up on their education, so that they can successfully enter Govt. Formal schools and ensuring Right to Education to them.

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MSEMVS helps residents establish Community Vigilance Committees, a process through which groups of freed bonded labourers come to freedom by exercising collective power and pressuring police to enforce anti-slavery laws. MSEMVS strategy focuses on movement building, so the community-level committees are united in 14 district-level networks and a federation, through which they enable local government to address root causes of slavery. MSEMVS is also assisting in the rescues of approximately 65 men, women and children every month, providing slavery survivors with follow-up reintegration support. MSEMVS launched and manages a rescue shelter in Bihar, providing rights-based assistance and recovery to sex trafficking survivors.

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