Nyaya Panchayat Project-

Nyaya Panchayat Intervention:

 "MSEMVS has identified a cluster of approximately 8 villages, affected by child labour, early marriage, child and adult trafficking. The goal of this intervention is to complete eradication of the causes behind child labour, early marriage, child and adult trafficking in a sustainable way"

This is being done by working intensively with residents in the  affected communities, creating a NFE/transitional school/ Remedial Coachings in the villages through which 40 - 50 children attend school rather than being in child labor.  These children are given an accelerated education allowing them to mainstream village school.  Education includes a detailed curriculum, as well as vocational training for the older students.  Parents of the children are being helped toward earning an income, especially through approximately 250 women forming Self-Help Groups and learning marketable skills as well as building collective strength to demand wages in cash.  They have got success to establish collective savings and they will use these to access larger bank loans on fair terms to develop their income generation activities.

The PRI people, Service providers are being sensitized on the issues ofchild labour, early marriage, child and adult trafficking, implementation NRHM and Rights to Education etc.

The women in the communities are being united as SHG and they learn about their economic rights as well as skill in different trades. Those women in SHGs are now able to earn income with skill provided in the project and marketing starts of the products of the women.

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